My Services

Challenge me

The bigger the challenge, the better the reward. I am ready to bring you the ONE shot you dream about, from wherever you want. Running bulls from Pamplona, Lava in Havaii vulcano or Sharks in Cape of Good Hope? Just dare me.


The moment, when you climb that hill and suddenly this breathtaking landscape view opens in front of you, is the exact one I will capture for you, so you can enyoy it whenever you want.


Taking pictures of architecture is art. Let me show you how plane walls, glass and steel can inspire your imagination and amaze you.


It's pictures of our beloved ones, which we value the most. Which ignite our memories, when we go through them after years. Let me help you capture those for you or your closest ones.


There is no better joy in life, than exploring new places and meeting with new cultures. Well, at least for me. So if I can help you with capturing moments from that exciting time, please let me know. I am already packed ;)