Who is this ?


Martin Barčanský [Barchanski:]

Nice to meet you :).

My most favorite photography genre is travel photo, because in fact it combines all photography genres from #Street photo through my very favorite #Architecture to #Landscapes and much more, giving me oportunity to explore new places, meet new people and bring all that moments home to share in all those amazing pictures.

I am also kind of adrenaline junkie, which combined with travel photography is creating opportunities to take pictures from very unusual places, angles and subjects not always available to standard tourists.

Together with that come some "war" stories, mostly funny, even if at the moment it doesn't always seems to be the case. But so far I managed to get out of all weird situations.

You are welcome to wander around some of the most beautiful places on Earth with me through my photos on this site. And if you would like me to take some for you, it would be my pleasure, just let me know.

I wish you a very nice day.